Certified Computerized Scales

Triple S Metals is a Certified Weightmaster located in Livermore, CA. We welcome all vehicles such as trailer, flatbed, end-dump, container truck, mail truck, limousine, school bus, etc., to use our scale service. When enter Triple S Metals, the first thing you will encounter is the weight scale in front of you. Just drive onto the scale bridge, and you will hear the instruction from our outdoor speaker. Our road markings indicate you where you can pull over your truck, or return to the scale office to get your weigh ticket. The entire process will take less than 5 minutes. 


Multi-method Transportation

Here in Triple S Metals, we understand transportation is everywhere in scrap metal recycling. Thus, we supplies various sized containers to variety of industrial, commercial, and residential customers for scrap metal collection and pick up. We arranges hassle free pick up from your location and deliver to our processing facility. We are ready to deliver roll-off bin, end dump trailer, gaylord box to you depending on your need.


Meanwhile, by using Triple S Metals multiple loading docks, we are able to load multiple ocean containers in one day, thus, to ensure our loading mission accomplished as fast as possible.