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Business Commitment


Credibility, Stability and Reliability help us to build TRUST with our suppliers and customers.  From the first day of business, Triple S Metals is committed to on-time payment, fast response, and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to serve our customers in all circumstances.  These are the fundamental elements of our business. 


Safety Commitment


At Triple S Metals, we understand that our employees are our most valuable assets. To let them work safely and happily is our first priority. Triple S Metals makes it a company policy to have a security/safety meeting every Monday morning. Providing proper safety equipment every day before entering the yard is a MUST at Triple S Metals.




Environmental Commitment


What would happen if people didn't recycle? Check out these numbers: Americans create roughly 251 million tons of garbage per year. To concretize this number, imagine the RMS Titanic, which weighed 46,329 gross tons. The United States puts out more than 4,837 Titanics worth of solid waste in a normal calendar year.

Recycling companies across the United States are responsible for processing more than 62 million tons of scrap metal each year. Triple S Metals does our share of recycling, by preventing the material from being discarded into the landfills.

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